Gas Forge Burners 1"

Gas Forge Burners 1"


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 1”, 65mm Diameter, 520mm long 

Gas forges are becoming more and more popular in the Blacksmithing and bladesmithing communities. Gas Forge Burners and Components are clean and no fuss, heat up quickly and have excellent control of temperature almost eliminating burnt jobs.

These burners are designed to function in a forge of a certain design, cylindrical shape, ceramic fibre insulation and open at both ends. Deviating from this design will result in a deviation in function and performance.

It is important to note that the rules and laws on gas forges vary from state to state and it is normally mandatory that your forge comply and be approved to your state authorities requirements. Make sure you contact your local specialist gasfitter and authority to ensure your design complies with all local requirements.


Created and sold in Australia by Gameco Artisan Supplies 


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