Forno Tempra heat treat ovens / kilns

Specifically designed to heat treat and temper smaller blades up to 230mm long , Perfect for bushcraft and small to medium kitchen knives.
lt reaches its temperature of 1100 degrees Celsius in only 20 minutes, and maintains it with absolute precision and constant uniformity. sizes thanks to the various sizes of the internal chambers. 

They reach the maximum temperature of 1100 degrees c in a very short time and maintain it with absolute precision and constant uniformity.

This model is designed with a 1.4 kw consumption using a 13 amp domestic 3 pin plug. Its innovative design, with very low overall dimension, a slightly smaller opening size 100mm W x 80mm H x 230mm D and its wall thickness also ensures great temperature holding and efficient heating. Meaning in our current energy crisis excellent performance with even lower energy consumption than its already efficient larger siblings.

The ovens work almost silently thanks to a static group (the device connects and disconnects the power to the resistors) and digital thermometer (instead of mechanical) in the latest generation of our kilns, on request, it is possible to increase the maximum temperature to 1200°C or Digital programable thermostat if you require the ability to create personalized work programs.

These have a a high end paint job for a tough anti corrosive finish in 6 stunning colours.

A microswitch on the door is added to the designed to protect the operator to ensure maximum safety.

All our kilns come with 1 year warranty, all servicing maintenance and warranty claims would be carried out at our maintenance centre in Suffolk UK. So no need to send anything back to Italy

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