Age restrictions

UKnifemaker Supplies take age verification checks very VERY seriously. We are governed by the Offensive Weapons Act 2019 which details how age verification checks must be conducted.

It is a legal requirement that we see ID/ proof of age with any purchase that contains an age restricted item, e.g. knives, edged tools, knife blanks, kits etc. 

This has to be shown prior to your order being dispatched. We will never dispatch any parcel without an age verification check being performed.

What we require

Acceptable forms of ID to prove that you are over 18 include:

- A photo of your driving license 

- A passport 

- Birth certificate. 

Once you have completed the age verification check you will not have to do it again for future orders.

Failed ID policy:

If you provide false identification, this will be reported to the police, and a permanent ban from shopping with us again. The name on the ID has to match the name on the order.

This would include:

- ID document which is being used by someone else

- ID document which has been altered

- A fake document which is a copy of a genuine document

- A fake document which is a form of ID that does not exist