About us

My name is Toby Murrill I'm a knife maker and have been making for about 5 years, I lived in Australia for 5 years and had the fortune of getting into the knife making industry and was a full time maker for the last 6 months that I was there. I met so many great makers who I now call my friends. I am a podcaster and youtuber both of which are called Toby Fire and Steel. I make mainly kitchen knives and do lots of tips and videos' of the processes I've learned trough trial and error and from many of the aforementioned makers. My podcast is an interview style where I talk to makers from all over the world. Some you will have heard of including J Neilson, Joshua Price, Salem Staub, Kyle Royer, Onur Caglar James Oatley and others not so much but I pick them all because I believe they are doing something different in an industry where it is sometimes hard to do so. 

Uknifemaker Supplies is a family owned an run business supplying high quality, affordable materials to knife makers.
From novice to professional makers we endeavour to supply anything you may need to finish your latest project.
We include free postage on almost all products, using only recycled or recyclable packaging materials.
So if you're looking for anything from corby bolts and steel to forges and anvils, we are fast becoming the one stop shop for anything and everything you may need for your blacksmithing and knife making needs.