These are cast using the same moulds as BSL Anvils Australia. Made in China of 1050 steel tempered to 55- 57 hrc.

The bolt holes make it far easier to fix down to a stand or base. These are entry level priced anvils so could have minor aesthetic casting imperfections, cast from 1050  as you would expect higher end anvils to be, and are ideal for beginners through to professionals. We do not paint or fill our anvils as we have nothing to hide. As all new anvils do you may want to do some dressing of of the edges depending on your use. Postage will be made on a pallet by truck with tail lift. 

The most affordable steel anvils in the UK. If your looking for a quality cast steel (NOT CAST IRON) this the the cheapest you'll find. These UKS anvils are made to our spec so that we can provide you with a great anvil for amazingly affordable money with a harder face than any antique anvil.

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