Ferric chloride

Ferric chloride

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Ferric Chloride Powder 1 lt bottle contains 300 g of powder and is ready to mix. Ideal for fast etching damascus and creating a smooth and consistent product.


  • Great for Carbon Steel
  • Perfect for Damasus Steel
  • Easy to acid wash blades




Step 1: 

Add 1L of water to the bottle of Ferric Chloride Powder and mix till the powder is fully dissolved.

Step 2 (Strong Solution):

For a strong solution mix 3:1 Water to ferric (3L water – 1L Ferric solution)

This is for aggressive and fast etching. Primarily used to quickly etch damascus or etch blades for stone washing where the quality and consistency of the etch is less important.

Step 2 (Gentle Solution):

For a gentle solution mix 4:1 Water to ferric (4L water – 1L Ferric solution).

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