Climax Mask spare Filters A2P3

Climax Mask spare Filters A2P3


SKU: mskfltr

This is a pair

Filters are A2P3 meaning they are suitable for vapours and and particulates. Ideal for knife making, blacksmithing and fabrication etc.

The combined 756 A1P3 is designed to be used with the mask the half masks Climax mod. 755, 756 and 810. The filter is made up of two main parts: · The upper part is composed of a grille, through which you can see the folded white paper that acts as a P3 filter against particles.  The second part fits to the set in the upper lid with a high absorption capacity for type A gases and vapours due to the activated carbon. It is secured to the mask by a threaded connector. Suitable for the retention of particles of welding fumes

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