12C27 2.5x50mm

12C27 2.5x50mm
12C27 2.5x50mm
12C27 2.5x50mm
12C27 2.5x50mm
12C27 2.5x50mm
12C27 2.5x50mm

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Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel flat bar for knife making Fully annealed


Martensitic stainless chromium steel with an optimized analysis for high quality professional knife applications. After heat treatment, the composition of carbon and chromium gives a unique combination of properties including Very high hardness, good corrosion resistance, very high wear resistance. Typical applications for Sandvik 12C27 are hunting and fishing knives, pocket knives, kitchen knives and so much more.



13,5% Chromium (Cr). Added for increased wear resistance, hardness, tensile strength, and (most importantly) for corrosion resistance. Cr forms large, complex carbides. A steel with at least 13% chromium is typically deemed "stainless".

0,60% Carbon (C). Present in all knife steels, it is the most important hardening element. Increases tensile strength and edge retention and improves resistance to wear and abrasion. Added in isolation, decreases toughness.

0,40% Manganese (Mn). An important element, Manganese improves grain structure and contributes to hardenability, strength, and wear resistance. Improves the steel, deoxidizes and degasifies during the steel's manufacturing (hot working and rolling).

0,01% Silicon (Si). Contributes to strength. Like Manganese, deoxidizes and degasifies to remove Oxygen from molten metal.

Instructions for Hardening and Tempering 12C27 Steel

12c27 is a popular Stainless Steel, made by Sandvik in Sweden. There are several hardening profiles suggested by Sandvik, the below is one of these, providing good hardening with a temperature controlled gas forge. 12c27 is possibly one of the easiest stainless steels to heat treat at home.

*Disclaimer;  The below is only our understanding and experience, and not to be seen as authoritative advice. 

Heat Treating 12c27 in a gas forge:

  • Heat steel to 1080 C
  • Hold for 5 min (for 2.5 mm thick blades)
  • Quench in aluminum plates or in Canola oil, heated to 30-40 C 
  • Into freezer* (optional step, aiming for -20 C)
  • No hold time, just get blade cold and quickly onto Tempering
  • Temper in stove, at 165 C for 60 min 
  • Let blade cool to room temperature
  • Temper in oven, at 165 C for 60 min

*Sandvik offer 3 hardening profiles; no freeze, -20C and -70C. 

The difference is only a couple of HRC points in hardness from no freeze to -70 C profiles. So this steel can be hardened to a great blade without investing in a dry-ice or cryo setup.

Link to the Sandvik profile used here: http://smt.sandvik.com/en/products/strip-steel/str...

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